Who we are

Nuova Meridiana produces waterproofing systems for the building industry, through the transformation of bituminous materials. The company pays attention to the continuous technological innovations and, at the same time, is sensitive to the current issues of environmental sustainability, waste reduction and reduction of pollutant emissions. An Italian brand that is also well known abroad, both for the high quality of its solutions and for the constant and timely customer service.

What we do

Nuova Meridiana offers a wide range of waterproofing systems. Its bituminous membranes protect from water, one of the most common but also one of the most insidious elements, all civil and infrastructural works, such as roofs, bridges, viaducts and foundations. From the A of Artica to the Z of Zenith, many qualitative, high-performance and technologically advanced answers to the questions of durability, safety and reliability. All guaranteed by the Nuova Meridiana brand.

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